Sunday, January 17, 2010

London Calling

This is it...all those years of planning and dreaming of living in another country have finally paid off! I am about to spend a semester filled with Brit speak, rides on the subway or as they called it: the tube, traveling, snapping pictures, embarrassing myself in front of suave Europeans, and so on. I look forward to experiencing a new and strange lifestyle.

According to research, less than 1% of the college student population actually go study abroad. I am proud of be part of this small percentage. How often do you get the chance to say you have lived in another country for months?? Granted, I am intimidated with the big change coming my way. I do no know anybody who will be attending the university with me, I do not really know anyone in London. But hey, it gives me a chance to reinvent myself and go on a gazillion adventures. My goal is to learn and adapt to the ideas and lifestyles of Londoners as well as Europeans. I believe it is the best way to grow as a humanitarian and as a young adult. Experiences and choices help define who we are and who we want to be. Obviously, my choice to study abroad is a step towards worldly adventures.

I have 2 suitcases to pack, one plane to board, and four months of the European lifestyle to live! Life is good! :)

In the words of Joey Tribbiani- "London Baby!!!"

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  1. Well, there are a few people in London you know! There's James Bond, Austin Powers, Harry Potter, and the Queen! ...haha...You'll meet a ton of people and you're gonna come back in May filled with adventures that only 1% of the population experienced. If you need a history lesson, you know who to ask!