Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Every Team's Got a Few Nuts

The team is coming together very well. We have such a diverse team of wonderfully weird women. One of the things I have always enjoyed about this team is the fact that none of us is alike. We have been able to bond well and have become more like a family. Some of us strive to become teachers and educate America’s future, some of us dream of becoming coaches to continue their love of soccer, some of us hope to become part of the medical world, and some of us are just beginning our journey of finding the self.

The hotel we have been staying at has slowly become our nest. Personalities have emerged, silly games and inside jokes formed, and just plain weird bonding occurred. Sometimes when we’ve been cooped up in our hotel rooms for too long, we gather together and feed off of each other’s energies. Often times, we’ll escape to the gigantic mall that happens to be right next door to our hotel! Conveniently, the best ice cream and Turkish waffle dessert is within walking distance. That’s not even the best part – there is a small carnival type amusement park right outside my window. We have gone on the rides too many times and have experienced adrenaline highs. some more than others…

On our days off between the Germany and Poland games, we have gone sightseeing around Ankara – fantastic sights! Bargained for scarves, Turkish delights, rode the spinning ride one too many times, taken at least 2 ice baths a day, given each other massages, downed chocolate milk like no other, laughed, cried, had dance parties, supported each other and so much more. This team is one of a kind, much unlike the team that competed in the 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei. We learned how to use personal diversity to our advantage. We are looking forward to defeating Poland and going to the finals! We definitely can’t wait to wear that bling around our necks when we come home

One of the best team bonding experiences we’ve had thus far is watching the US Women’s National Team take on France in their opener at the Olympics in London. We piled up in my room and yelled at the TV, jumped up and down screaming for our girls. Such a great time, wish we could do that for the entire Olympic tournament; it would be so much more fun!

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