Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to American Soccer!!

USA vs. Germany
Pregame thoughts

Due to the humbling lesson we learned against Japan, we looked at the Germany game as the most important game of our lives. We trained harder, mentally prepared ourselves for brutal beatings and body slams. We know that Germany is out for blood for we had shut them out, not once, but twice in Taipei. Germany had three years to let their anger ferment. I am positive they will do everything they can to make it to the finals, just as we will.

Our coach has emphasized the importance of defeating Germany as our number one priority. We do not want another “Japan game” where we underestimated them and nearly jeopardized our playing level. Tonight’s meeting consisted of last minute reminders and most importantly, the power of a team coming together. We do not get much time to train together, so the ability to come together in a short amount of time is absolutely crucial to this team. I believe we will be able to come together and accomplish a victory!

Final score: 8-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Postgame thoughts:

Dominance. Confidence. Teamwork. Athleticism. Passion. Conquest. Those are words describing the game against Germany. We absolutely blew them out of the water from beginning to end! It is not often when a team is able to immediately know that victory is almost guaranteed the second they step on the field. We felt it collectively and were able to channel all of our energy into this game. We worked hard and put those balls in the back of the net like a moth to a flame. It was unbelievable how well we worked together. It was as if something had clicked and everything arrived. It was our game and we were proud to work together. We aimed to make everyone back home proud.

Germany is a team with the best sportsmanship. They were respectful and gracious every second, especially at the final whistle. High fives and ‘good games’ were not enough. We took the time to hug each player and thank them for their enthusiasm. They are a great team and I look forward to seeing them again in Bulgaria next summer.

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