Friday, September 4, 2009

13 hours into the future

Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now. I am 13 hours away from our first game against Germany. Our team has gone through so much to get to where we are at this moment. Tears have been shed, wounds have cut open and blood falls have flown, but it all comes down to tomorrow. We are going to face Germany tomorrow morning at 9:30 am Taiwan time. I hope you will be able to catch our game. It will be brutal and gruesome. But when we crawl off the field, we will know that we have given our country all we have.

Taipei is a very interesting city. There is so much that goes on. It is very similar to New York City only crazier and there are a TON of mopeds zooming everywhere. It has been quite an adventure looking for laundromat. Reagan and I had a great time observing the Taiwanese culture while waiting for our laundry to wash and dry. The atmosphere makes me appreciate the majestic Rocky Mountains even more.

Curfew is creeping up on me now, it is 8:04 pm and curfew is 8:30. I must sign off with dreams of victory in tomorrow's game. Cheer hard for us, so loud that we will be able to hear you halfway around the world. GO USA!

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  1. I'll cheer so loud that the tiny amount of hearing that you still have in your right ear will be gone! Love you and as we say in theatre, break a leg! (good luck!)