Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Golden Dream


The second we landed in Taipei, 16 girls from all kinds of walks in life shared three common things: some sort of a hearing loss, a love for the game of soccer, and the gold medal. Training sessions were trips to hell, tears were shed, and bonds were formed. The battles were hard and brutal, but we proved our worth when the final whistle wailed at the end. We ate, slept, talked, walked, dreamed of the gold medal and soccer. Our mission was to defend the gold medal and we did exactly that. We let in only a single goal in the entire tournament and we scored a total of 17 goals against various countries. The gold medal game was nerve wrecking, a scoreless first half. At halftime in the locker room, Coach Ken gave us a wake up call. He told us there was only 45 minutes left to get the gold, "Leave the field with no regrets". Coach Erin encouraged us to give it all, work so hard that we would have to crawl off the field. Our second half proved our motivation to grab the gold once again. We scored 4 goals and shut out Germany's reach of the gold medal. It was a victory worth celebrating. The second the final whistle blew, everyone ran out to the middle of the field and hugged, cried, jumped with joy. We did it, we are once again champions of the world.

The gold medal ceremony was, in a word, incredible. I can easily babble on with 20,000 words and I would still not be able to explain the exact feeling I had when we walked onto the field once again as champions. I cannot describe what I felt or thought when the gold medal was put around my neck. It is a-once-in-a-lifetime-feeling. Only those who have stood on the podium can understand it. The gold medal is beautiful, a bit heavy, and one of my most prized treasures. However, the real treasure is the bond I have formed with my teammates. The experience is so much more momentous when shared among teammates, coaches, and fans. Tears streamed down our faces as we watched the flag rise with pride. Andrealine lasted through the entire night as we celebrated in the wee hours of the morning.

I will look back fondly to this experience. The deaflympics are filled with experiences I will never forget. My photo album is filled with pictures that capture moments of agony, joy, courage, and teamwork. Each player holds a special place in my heart, I know we have formed friendships that will last a lifetime. Our goodbyes were sweet and short, for we knew we would see each other again.

Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way, I could have not done it without you! All of the facebook comments, e-mails, letters, and etc have gone a long way. Thank you! You all are wonderful.



  1. I'm really proud of you!
    You're great at writing in an inspirational way!
    I hope you're well and to hear form you soon!

  2. I am amazed that I still become teary with joy for you girls, even the events have played out and kife is moving on. I hope you aretransitioning well back into school life. Enjoy the reflections.

    Laura's mom

  3. dear Laura's mom,

    thank you so much for your support :) I hope to meet you one day soon. your daughter is awesome and i seriously mean that. i am thankful to have her in my life.

  4. chris,
    thank you! i hope life is going well for you too!

  5. Thank you for your inspiring and kindness story about us winning gold medal! :)
    Hugs... Thank your parents for being there for us and being part of this, too.