Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go for Gold!

Can you believe it? The past two years I have sacrificed my time, energy, blood and sweat for the ultimate achievement as an athlete. In less than 24 hours my team and I will face Germany once again, this time for the gold medal. Our game is 7pm Taiwan time. The game is at the stadium, the exact same place where the opening ceremonies took place. The team will be spending all day tomorrow focusing on the biggest game of our lives.

Three weeks have zoomed by while we have worked our way through 2 a days in 117 degree weather and 95% humidity. Rain or shine, we molded our team. The team has gone through ups and downs, but in all, we have made it to the finals! The gold medal is within our reach and I know we will do anything in our power to grab it. We have worked far too hard for this moment. We know it is ours for the taking, we just need to prove it to the world by playing the best game we have ever played as a team. The second we wake up tomorrow, we will be in total focus of the game. Our captain, Reagan, has challeneged us to prove her how much we want the gold, how passionate we are about our team. Tomorrow is our chance to prove her how much we love being on the team.

As much as we are looking forward to proving our amazing captain and the world, we cannot do it alone. We need your support. Gather around the screen with USA gear on and cheer your butts off. This is the game that wins all. Cheer so loud that it'll make its way around the world to Taipei Stadium. Be American, for we make up the red, white, and the blue. GO USA!


  1. We will be gathered around the computer screen, wishing with all our hearts that we were there with all of you. That you could hear our cheers and see the passion on our faces. Good Luck.

    Laura's family.

  2. I'm proud of y'all. You worked hard for so long and now it's time to take what's yours!

  3. WOOT WOOOT WOOOOT WOOOOT WOOOOOOT! GO USA! I think I woke up the whole neighborhood while I was watching the game.. SO SO PROUD of all of you! Extend my congratulations to the whole team

  4. Congratulations to you and the team for winning the GOLD!

    Dan & Vicki